Wednesday, September 13, 2006

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In a sensitive, yet very revealing, look into Kawabata's views on aging, sexuality and virginity, his book, House of the Sleeping Beauties, the reader is introduced to an aging gentleman as he enters a very different sort of "inn". Upon receiving instructions that he was not to do anything in bad taste, old Eguchi, listened while the woman told him, "He was not to put his finger into the mouth of the sleeping, or try anything else of that sort." The mystery of the "inn" is then intensified with a brief description:

I couldn't bear it any longer and grabbed my sister by the hips, and pulled her toward me. I pulled her on top of me, and closed my mouth over hers. I forcefully pressed my tongue between her lips, and immediately she opened them and circled her tongue against and around mine. Moaning and breathing hard, we frenched like mad. I tasted her saliva and she tasted mine. Our mixed drool dripped from the corners of our mouths. I held my mouth a bit above hers and let a thick drop of spit slowly descend from my tongue, and Sylvia eagerly held out her tongue to catch the drool strand. We continued tonguing each other's wet mouths while my hand slipped along her hips, around to her buttocks. After kneading her bubbly cheeks, my middle finger slipped through the crack of her ass, and even though the lace of her panties was still between her crack and my finger, I easily felt the incredible heat coming from it. I pressed my finger deeper in between and firmly rubbed at her crack.

Well, you've paid a lot of money to get this done, and I know you really wanted to do this, so don't let the fact that another guy is here take the fun and excitement out of it...besides she says he's here to help with the lighting and the color filters-someone has to hold all that crap, and help her switch cameras and lens around. Just try to relax, go pick out your first outfit and I'll come in and help you once I get the wine, and get them settled. Jim said.

They were especially quick, and I handed the waiter who was no doubt starstruck. There nine really famous celebrities in one hotel room and all of them were fully nude. I handed him five-hundred dollars.

"When you wear your nylon, like-satin, french cut, green panties, does it cover your pubic hair or does some of it stick out?"

His cock filled her mouth. She reached up and stroked him as she sucked his cock. I sat back behind her and reached out and ran my hand up her thigh. I reached between her legs and cupped her pussy. Her shorts were wet with her cunt juice. She was so hot that she saturated her panties and shorts. She spread her legs as I rubbed her cunt. She was in heaven. Sucking her son's cock and having her pussy rubbed. I wanted more. I reached around and unbuttoned her shorts. Though I did not want to break up the sexual trace she was in, I pulled her up to her feet, pulled her shorts down and pushed her back on her knees and to her son's cock. It was like she did not miss a beat. Her mouth attacked his cock again. Licking, sucking, pumping. Trying to get all of his sweet meat into her hot mouth. She was mouthfucking her son's sweet cock.

The woman had been swimming for several days. She didn't know where she was going but going to dry land was out of the question. She didn't want to have to deal with humans. Those puny, primitive barbarians made her sick to her stomach. She loved being in the water. She didn't need to surface like humans did. She could breathe just fine. She saw a dolphin pack and joined them, effortlessly keeping pace with those expert swimmers. She loved dolphins. She was so filled with pleasure just by their mere proximity that she didn't notice the threat until it was too late. The Sperm whale came out of nowhere. An incredible power locked inside a black and gray streamlined body. The sperm whale. The orca came after the dolphins. The woman from the sea saw a baby dolphin and its mother shrinking away in fear of the black and white monster. The sperm whale stretched its jaws open and came after them.

The truck, a deuce and a half army vehicle, its active duty green color covered in civilian putrid yellow paint, the windshield grimy, caked in mud save for two fan shaped areas cleared by the wipers, tailgated us. The driver, a burley man in a denim shirt looked down on me fingering my wife.

Once in our room Jack was all over me. He had my top off and bottoms down before you could say Fun Ship. He was like a school kid as he took turns kissing and sucking on my hard nipples. He dropped me on the bed and went right to eating my wet pussy. I was holding his head in place as he licked me to a great orgasm. He moaned mmmmm God your really wet. After I had came two times Jack climbed up over the top of me.

"Ty," I said.

"What do you mean punish me? How?" Diane rolled of her and sat up.

I wouldn't say Jack was that enthused with the idea of me going back to work so soon or with the idea of employing a nanny to look after the children. But I did tend to get my own way and he accepted that I wanted my career. Our sex life was pretty good. By that I mean we had sex often. Probably more often than some folks although sometimes I got the feeling that Jack would have liked me to be a little more adventurous. But I didn't go for all this oral stuff that people talk about. To me it seemed, I don't know, unnatural. Jack got me to try and suck his penis one time but I definitely felt uncomfortable doing it so I refused to do it again. A few times he went down on me but that just didn't seem right to me either; I was so tense I couldn't enjoy it if I had wanted to.

Alice hurried to mouth my member. After a moment she took her mouth off for breath and her hand circled my shaft and pumped. Auwwwww. The crop had come down again.

I pulled out of her mouth and she knew what I wanted. She moved to the center of the bed, rolled onto her back, and spread her legs wide. She reached down with her hand and opened her cunt lips, showing me where she wanted to be fucked. I moved between her legs, slowly stroking my cock. I placed my cock head against her cunt lips and started to slowly stroke her clit, back and forth, watching her face. She started to slide toward me, trying to get my cock into her fuck hole. I moved my cock away and asked, "What's your name?" She answered, "My name is Kalei. I responded, "That's a beautiful name; I'm Michael". I looked back down to her cunt and I started to spank her clit with the head of my cock. She looked up at me and asked, "Please fuck me, push your cock against the bottom of my cunt". I moved my cock head lower and started to push my cock into her wet smooth cunt, until I felt my cock hit bottom. She begged me, "Please hold it there, let me cum with it buried in my cunt". I repeated again, No, I'm not ready to let you cum.

* * * * *

His dick penetrated her wet heat effortlessly as she lowered herself onto him, her eyes locked on his face. As her hips began their dance, tears flowed down her cheeks as she reflected that if every bad experience of her life had been necessary to bring her to this room, this time, this man, then they were worth it. They were all worth it. She'd found her place in the world.

His cock began to swell in her throat. She braced herself for the inevitable firing of His cum into her throat. He seized her by her hair and held it in His fists as His cock began to pulse and throb, spurting His semen down His whore's throat.

She felt the prickle of heat.

Back at the table, we ordered dessert with coffee to follow, and Mum's foot brushed against my leg under the table.